“After several years of researching independent publishing opportunities for my writing, I have a great deal of first-hand knowledge about what indie authors want, expect, and need from an independent publisher. With the help of Andrea Greenwald and Marie Turko, DEAD STAR PRESS will have the combined abilities and qualifications to edit, design, and market the works of authors who champion the weird.

We are an Unpretentious, Unconventional, Unfuckwithable Independent Publisher of Speculative Fiction, SciFi, Social Commentary, and all things Weird.”

-Founder & Owner, Joseph D. Newcomer

Founder & Owner

Joseph D. Newcomer

Owner, Writer, Designer

Joseph is a speculative fiction and social commentary writer. His work includes Diminishing Return, El Camino Blue, & the Thought & Other Absurdities blog. He started this press to publish & support authors who revel in the weird &, generally, languish in obscurity. All acquisitions go directly through him. Someday, he hopes to be sucked into an episode of The Twilight Zone, though he has a sneaking suspicion that we already were.


Marie Turko

Marie is the mind behind the deliciously hilarious Marie’s Donut Diaries Blog & a contributing writer to The Erie Reader. She has a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing Concentration from Edinboro University, a M.S. in Mass Media Arts & Journalism from Clarion University. She’s also kind of a badass. Give her some David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock & a bag of Tastykake Mini’s, and she’s satisfied. Your work is in good, possibly powdered sugar-coated, hands.


Andrea Greenwald


Andrea lends Dead Star Press her knowledge from a B.S. In Business Marketing from Wingate University & an M.B.A. in Marketing from Gannon University to promote the press & our authors. If your work is as weird as Doom Patrol, she is here for it. She also provides us her extreme, motherly patience with all things internet (and we thank the robot overlords for that because we think it’s the most agitating of all of the technological wizardries).