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  1. The shirts overall quality is amazing! Looks awesome and fits very well. I also got the dope book mark! 10/10 would buy again

  2. Seriously the softest most comfortable t shirt I own, and I own a lot of t-shirts. The sweet Dead Star Press graphic is just an added bonus.

  3. I couldn’t decide between the pink and white graphic so I got both. You should prolly just buy both as well.

    1. This seems like solid decision making to us. Fantastic suggestion, Jared! If we could review our reviews, this one would get 5 out of 5 skulls.

  4. This book is so stinking cute and you just want to keep going because your little one gets excited by the repetition in it. 🙂

  5. I just got it and cannot wait to check out some of this cool work! Great presentation, very intriguing cover art and very promising list of 10 weirdo authors instead of just the one regular weirdo!!

  6. Stella and I read this tonight! She couldn’t wait for me to read it to her! Author should have partnered with a grocery store because now I have to go (with Jax our dog) tomorrow to grab supplies for S’mores!!

  7. Excited that it has stories by a friend. Can’t wait to read the book.

  8. Be careful what you wish for! Chris only wants to make his sad wife happy. That requires the one thing he can’t produce. She wants a baby. The Darkest Day left him and the rest of the world incapable of making that happen. But, wait! Technology comes to the rescue, or does it? Life is a challenge for Chris, hating his job, hating his wife’s over-the-top disgusting brother with his idiotic teeth and overbearing personality. After his wife sinks into a deep depression, Chris fears losing her. When he is thrown a lifeline by his friend Decker, who tells him a little truth about his ability to impregnate his wife. Chris is over the moon and can’t wait to make Cece’s dreams come true, even if it isn’t his heart’s desire. I love the writing and laughed out loud at the over-the-top hysterical description of how these characters react to their desperate situation. Read this at your own peril! It could be your future!

  9. The book arrived in great shape, on time, and it came with a bookmark. I could not have asked for a better purchase. I LOVED the book so much that I recommended it to the library and all of my friends. It absolutely blew my mind, I never saw the ending coming. Joseph Newcomer always has a twist waiting for us. 🙂
    Our darkest days, behind us. Our brightest, ahead.

  10. I had previously purchased “Let’s Make S’mores” for my niece and nephew. We made a night out of it, making our own s’mores and reading the book. They both loved it! I then later took advantage of the “Bundle of the Dead”. Literally, the first thing I did when the collection of books arrived was to open “Thought & Other Absurdities” to a random page and just pick a passage to read. What did I happen upon, you may wonder?

    “If good policewomen and men want to make positive change, they should all remove their badges, turn around, and join the peaceful protestors. It may become a little clearer who is on the side of humanity.”

    It was then that I immediately knew I made a wise decision in taking advantage of the bundle deal and I highly suggest you do the same while it lasts! I look forward to diving deeper into all of the works by Mr. Newcomer!

  11. Everything was on time with my order. Love the book. It is a gift for someone. They will be getting it tomorrow. Thanks for being so reliable.

  12. A terrific story line , very well illustrated with a touch of humor and corckiness ,a great way to help other children going through the withdrawal of sleeping with their parents. I bought it for my grandchildren and they read it to me on facetime , at 9 and 2 they were equally amused and entertained.
    5 stars for Ari and the armpit mouse.