Diminishing Return (Hardcover)


“We are all recycled people.” Time has stopped, and people are no longer living in the Present Pause. Disenchanted with Nostalgia Incorporated’s Time Travel Experience and the memory loss it causes, a former musician turned sanitation worker spends his time sorting through a lonesome world of trash left behind by humanity while he composes a letter to his younger self.

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Diminishing Return is a compassionate social commentary exploring a dystopian future caused by humanity’s overwhelming appetite for nostalgia and waning care for originality. While I am in no way arrogant enough to believe that it will change the world on a grand scale, my intention and hope is for this work to have a lasting impact on any individual who seeks validation that they are not alone and that they belong in this world. I would also love for Diminishing Return to connect with those who, like me, feel a general sense of ennui and anxiousness when they look out into our world’s inseparable concoction of absolute beauty and unimaginable suffering.

While expressing a variety of themes central to each of our realities: the value of compassion, the need to belong, the hope to make a difference, and the death of creativity in modern culture, this work is mostly inspired by my family’s and friend’s histories of suicide and depression as well as an appreciation for our world’s most tragic artists.